College of 艺术s and Sciences

Where will your path lead you? How will you make a difference? What will your impact be?

Carroll University’s College of 艺术s and Sciences is where you’ll find and pursue your passion while preparing for your career. While you’re learning, creating and exploring, you’ll also be mastering important skills that virtually every employer is looking for. Our faculty will get to know you by name and become personally invested in your success.  Along the way, they’ll ask you to consider new perspectives and step outside your comfort zone.

Our inclusive and supportive learning community places top priority on both academic and personal growth. You’ll gain a broader knowledge of the human condition and greater understanding of cultures different from your own. Through additional opportunities such as internships, 研究, working one-on-one with faculty and cross-cultural experiences, you’ll be ready to take on a future filled with possibility.

Think changing the world is someone else’s responsibility? Pioneers think differently. 从这里开始. It starts with you. 

The list below includes our 专业, where you'll concentrate the majority of your study in pursuit of your degree. Some 专业 are supplemented by collections of courses called 重点 (e) which enhance your study in a particular area and will appear on your transcript. A few 专业 also have options for 跟踪(t), which are recommended paths within the major to focus your study. Below the major list, you'll find our 未成年人, which you can choose to add on to broaden your learning in other subjects.



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