Center for the 人文学科

Looking for an opportunity to reflect on new topics, break out of your comfort zone and find common ground with people who have differing viewpoints than your own? The humanities ask us to think deeply about what it means to be human and help us build connections to one another in a world that can often be confusing. They provide a pathway for exploration across moments of beauty, 丑陋, 希望, 绝望, 欢乐与悲伤, and help us analyze and respond to those moments. The Carroll University Center for the 人文学科 enriches the university experience through programming that requires an open mind and a desire to engage in thought-provoking conversations. Our events are open to all students, regardless of major.

项目 and 事件

The Center for the 人文学科 sponsors a variety of programming that enriches the student experience at Carroll and highlights our liberal arts heritage.

Support the humanities at Carroll

人文学科-based programming is central to the Carroll University experience. Our goal is to build an endowed fund that will provide long-term support for the Carroll University Center for the 人文学科 and its activities. Please consider a gift that will help establish a permanent resource for the humanities at Carroll.

If you would like to make a donation to support the Carroll University Center for the 人文学科, select “other” as your gift designation and type in “人文学科”.


Mission Statement for the Carroll University Center for the 人文学科

The Carroll University Center for the 人文学科 stimulates engagement in 人文学科-based content and methodologies across our undergraduate population. The Center supports 人文学科-based inquiry by promoting a model we call “Lean In/Push Out”: a two-fold process that encourages scholars and students to “lean in” to contemplative practices and then to “push out” their research and insights to the public. By sponsoring annual events, such as our Student to Scholar Lecture series, as well as through providing fellowship opportunities and supporting relevant campus initiatives, the Center for the 人文学科 strives to augment the undergraduate experience and to highlight Carroll University’s liberal arts heritage. Ultimately the Center seeks to motivate all undergraduates, regardless of major, to engage in 人文学科-based inquiry in order to understand the human experience more deeply and in order to forge empathetic connections throughout the university, 社区, and our ever-changing world.


Interested in learning more about the Carroll University Center for the 人文学科, or new developments in the humanities at Carroll?

Dr. Lara Karpenko, Professor of English

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